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About Us

The lives on this Motherland earth stand protected by the OZONE layer. For billions of years, this OZONE layer delivers beyond its expectation. OZONE group follows the principles of GOD’s own creation.
The group with its multi-dimension activities be it healthcare, beauty care, food & nourishments, and skill development protect the precious life by “adding years to life and life to years”.
Life begins when the first embryo finds its bed in the mother’s womb. But in society, its change of lifestyle disturbs the entire process leading to disharmony to give another life. OZONE’S AdLife is a venture in IVF that simplifies the dream of Adding Life to life.

Our Vision

To elevate hope in all risk factors in every infertile couples with the issue of awareness, affordability, access and assurance to bring back SMILE.

Our Mission

Infertility in India is a matter of high sensitivity and inability, contributing to serious Psychological, Emotional and Social distress to the families irrespective of economic, educational or religious background. OZONE’s ADLIFE has a mission to “ADD SCIENCE TO HAPPINESS” to all infertile couples.


Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was incorporated in 1991, with a keen desire and aspiration to serve humanity through finest quality medicaments. The company has two ultramodern and high-tech manufacturing units in Baddi and Guwahati using State-of-the-art technology in production, quality control and packaging.
We have one of the best analytical lab in Gurugram, with an infrastructure that benchmarks the global standards by implementing WHO cGMP guidelines.
We are dedicated to giving our clients highest-quality products manufactured as per WHO cGMP guidelines.

Our Strength

We are a research driven organization. Our Research & Analytical team comprises of 11 Ph.Ds, highly qualified biotechnologists, pharmacy post graduates and graduates. Our efficiency of the team creates the global benchmark of effectiveness. We are value and process driven organization which is being appreciated by the industry, medical fraternity, business partners and internal customers.

Mr S. C. Sehgal
Chairman & Managing Director

OZONE’S ADLife is committed to adding life … to life.

Message From CMD

Infertility is a global concern, it doesn’t restrict to India only but to the entire human population. There is always a belief that infertility is only a female factor where society never consider that men could be a predominant contributor to this social concern. It has been noticed that men are responsible for 40% of all the infertility cases, then why to blame women alone.

As per the Human Reproduction Journal report, the sperm concentration has dropped down to half over the past 40 years and continuing to decline faster. Sperm concentration decreased on average from 101.2 ml/ml to 49 ml/ml. a decline of 62.3%. A comparable behaviour or pattern observed in more than 53 countries around the world, including Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia. If the crisis is not resolved right away, the future of the human race is in doubt. There are longitudinal research on male fertility conducted after 1972, it has been found that there is an annual decline in Sperm concentration of 1.167%, however this decline has increased to 2.64% since 2000 onwards. The study included age, duration of human ejaculation, quality education programme to the young adults on concern. The fertility in men and women has reduced significantly due to environmental factors, endocrine disrupting chemicals, smoking, drinking, obesity, poor diet & tight clothes.

We as an organization through our venture AdLife completely focus to bring a revolution among the infertile couples. It not only restrict to treatment with medicine but every human can count on us for any kind of support be it awareness, life style modification, exercise, nutrition and counselling.

Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Analytical lab) Approved by

Analytical Testing Laboratory in Delhi NCR, India

Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Analytical Lab) in Gurugram was established in 24-May-2004. Its a Govt approved laboratory which is fully equipped with the latest sophisticated instruments and manned by professionally qualified highly experienced staff. We are engaged in Chemical, Microbiological and instrumental analysis. We undertake analysis in the field of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Ayurvedic medicines, water, food, colour, toxic metals and Pesticides in different matrixes.
Ozone Pharmaceuticals Limited, which has two fully, automated WHO approved manufacturing facilities each having its own extensive lab infrastructure. The analytical Testing Laboratory acts as an extended auditing arm, providing testing services in Delhi NCR as well as to the companies from all over India & the world.

We are a part of the OZONE GROUP